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Power Analytics Reporting Tool

The Power Analytics reporting tool is designed to help Councils better manage and analyse project-level energy, financial and carbon data.

Need help to get started on or progress your carbon emission reduction projects?

Want to gain inspiration and learn from others? The project library allows for searching by project type & can be used as a bulletin board for information sharing.

Getting Started

Watch a 60 second overview or the more detailed 50-minute CPP webinar to see how the Power Analytics tool can help you understand and manage your carbon emission reduction projects.

New Features in Version 2.0

Project Sharing:
Choose to share individual projects with colleagues, or even post publicly online. Switch on sharing at the top of any project page to get a custom shareable link for that project that won't require a visitor to login to view that project. The link can also be switched off to remove viewing access at any time.

Public Library:
Choose to share specific completed projects in a new library visible to the public. Display your data and project achievements beyond other Power Analytics users, inspire others with ways to make their operations more efficient, and raise the profile of your council's projects. Rest assured no data will be shared publicly without a council specifically opting in for this opportunity and selecting the projects they want to share.

Anyone can access the public library at:

Public Dashboard:
Design your own custom dashboard with several Power Analytics metrics that you can embed into your council's website. Ensure that all stakeholders can see the impact of your sustainability projects!

Download facilities data:
You're now able to download a spreadsheet with all of your facility information from Power Analytics, including building name, type, and location.


For technical and user support contact Ph 02 9356 8505 with any questions. For Frequently Asked Questions about this tool, click here.

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